your guest’s will feel at home when entering your guest rooms. halloran offers clean sleek lines and soft curves that offer a sophisticated yet comfortable look that makes the room.

built with an eye towards durability halloran is a masterpiece in design and functionality. looking for a hard to find finish take a look at hallorans offerings. let us help you create that special look for your guest rooms.

panel headboard
queen or king

double queen headboard

27 x 20 x 28

media desk right or left
92 x 24 x 36

media chest
44 x 24 x 98

media chest
44 x 24 x 36

72 x 24 x 34

48 x 24 x 30

cocktail table
40 d x 19

end table
26 d x 26

42 x 20 x 20

28 x 1.5 x 46